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60 Days Detox Tea

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Fast Weight Loss Tea is herbal recipes combined with modern art of tea blending.

Fastweightlosstea blends are unique and need to be brewed to perfection for a satisfying cup of tea to relax your senses and relieve your daily stress.

These teas are very high on antioxidant and are 100% natural free from any artificial flavouring.

Taken twice daily (morning and evening).

Fast Weight Los TeaTox nourishes your insides with our organic and natural products to detox you!

Fast Weight Los TeaTox range is made from:

  •  PuEr Tea
  •  Garcinia Cambogia
  •  Green Tea
  •  Pineapple Flavour
  •  Flower of Hyacinth
  •  Dolichos
  •  Citron

How to make the perfect cup?

Boil fresh water to 98 degrees C (do not over boil) for black tea and 92 degrees for green teas. Use one weight loss tea bag per person. Infuse tea bag in the hot water for 2 minutes for best results. Add a dash of lemion or honey to taste.

Enjoy the Goodness of nature.

Do not use milk other than for Fastweightlosstea.

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A hot cup of herbal tea is perfect for relaxing a tender throat, warming up you during cold night of winter. Its best advantage helps overcome huge pounds in shortest interval of time as well as creates a feeling of relaxation in individual. Working in a hectic day with a great number of tasks can be perform in a good mood and much easily with relaxing mind, but it can be done with this soothing weight loss tea.

This body tea just like others has unique task, individual and magic properties from suppressing your appetite to fastening the burning process of calories, help melting the inside fat that present in your fat cells. Oh, it is absolutely valuable for reducing the risk of heart attack and diabetes also. You can aware of its advantage within first week of usage. Make a routing of taking herbal tea daily and fasten the process of metabolism

Enhance the body’s ability to blast the fat cells by sipping the herbal tea. Participants who take 4-5 cups of body tea in each day with slight exercise enjoyed the amazing results. Yes, the combination of weight loss tea with expercise triggers the fat losing process.


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