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28 Days Detox Tea

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Fast Weight Loss Tea is herbal recipes combined with modern art of tea blending.

Fastweightlosstea blends are unique and need to be brewed to perfection for a satisfying cup of tea to relax your senses and relieve your daily stress.

These teas are very high on antioxidant and are 100% natural free from any artificial flavouring.

Taken twice daily (morning and evening).

Fast Weight Los TeaTox nourishes your insides with our organic and natural products to detox you!

Fast Weight Los TeaTox range is made from:

  •  PuEr Tea
  •  Garcinia Cambogia
  •  Green Tea
  •  Pineapple Flavour
  •  Flower of Hyacinth
  •  Dolichos
  •  Citron

How to make the perfect cup?

Boil fresh water to 98 degrees C (do not over boil) for black tea and 92 degrees for green teas. Use one weight loss tea bag per person. Infuse tea bag in the hot water for 2 minutes for best results. Add a dash of lemion or honey to taste.

Enjoy the Goodness of nature.

Do not use milk other than for Fastweightlosstea.

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This Body Tea tea is floral, light tea like herbal tea is packed with the catechins which helps promote the weight loss by enhancing the ability of body to metabolize fats cells. The results of study conducted in china shows that those who take tea regularly lost almost six pounds during the course time of six weeks. It includes a pound in a week! Reduce more body fat rapidly by using this weight loss tea that melts the body fat!

Fill a teacup with relaxing body tea and smell your cup of tea! While sent can boost hunger certainly and other may suppress the level of your appetite. The study published in health journal shows that people who make use of sniffed body tea regularly lost almost 5 pounds in a month. That sounds well for those who want to lose weight without performing any healthy activity and unable to find time to do so. Although it contains low level of caffeine, almost a cup delivers almost 25% of it, decaffeinated varieties work to have relaxing bedtime treat. Consider to add a few drops of peppermint oil and lemon to enhance its taste. Soothing taste help enhance your feeling of long lasting relaxation.


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