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Why some green tea is not green?

You can find abundant of varieties regarding green tea on internet and market shelves which has caused massive exploitation of product. We prepare the finest natural tea and harvest almost 3-4 times in a year and first two are thought to be best. Unfortunately tea being sold in other area contains low quality. Oxygen exposure, freshness and air pollution makes it brown. Like other product such as wine, there are various levels of quality for making the green tea the best and so price varies. In low price green tea, although you can get economical product but along with those ingredients that must be the part of green tea.

Why should we purchase your tea rather than any other offerings same?

Our weight loss tea contains the best blend of 100% organic and natural ingredients selected specially to provide amazing health benefit. The presence of all natural ingredients not only gives a fantastic flavor but it also good for you. You can get the explanation of its healthy benefits.

Can you ship abroad?

We are providing our best weight loss tea all over the world with minor exclusions. Worldwide shipping rate is economical and similar for all sized pack.

How much time requires for shipping?

As you make an order we process it straight away and deliver it at your given post as soon as possible. However due to outsider circumstance which is beyond our control we as for 1 week for delivering within the country and less than 2 weeks for worldwide order.

What is the best way to take the best weight loss tea?

Our best weight loss tea can be used either cold or hot, it is up to you. Anyhow for best result we recommend to take our tea in combination with our provided healthy diet challenge.

Where is my order for package?

Due to large nature and shape of tea packages, postal department may unable to deliver up to your letterbox. Kindly check the nearby post office to know if your order is waiting for you.

I have received half delivery of order till now?

Our larger natural tea packages may be delivered up to in multiple packages. Although we deliver the order in complete package, but in case of half order please allow 24 hours for your second package to deliver.

What makes your tea so healthy?

Our natural tea contains the abundance of all vitamins, natural and healthy ingredients. A good contains antioxidant properties more than 20 times of vitamins E and 10 times of vitamin C. you can see our tea health benefit page for further information.

What is the difference lies between coffee caffeine and tea caffeine?

The green tea’s caffeine is totally natural, readily absorbed as well as metabolized differently compared to coffee’s caffeine. Caffeine present in green tea is not natural and prepared while bean roasting so it is no more natural and a major difference between those is that it remains in your body more than expected.